We offer three types of grants:

Experience Grants: The best educational opportunities do not always happen in the classroom! It is important for students to get out in the world and have educational experiences that are hands on and fun while making memories that will last a lifetime. This grant is available for K-12 students and has a $750 maximum. The funds must go towards the use of the Moore School District transportation and admission to the experience for all students eligible to participate.

Materials Grants: The MPSF Material grant is designed for classroom enrichment. Teachers can apply for new teaching materials that may not be available to purchase under the fiscal budget of their school. New equipment, manipulatives, classroom technology, and other educational material needs are applicable within this grant. The Material Grant can be applied for by an individual teacher or a group (and/or department) within a school. All materials purchased with funds awarded by the Material Grant must stay within the school district. If an individual teacher is awarded funding and moves schools, the teacher can take the materials with them to the new facility as long as it stays within the Moore School District. If the teacher leaves the district the materials must stay behind. This grant is available for K-12 students and has a $500 maximum.

Program Grant: The MPSF Program grant is for special programs that teachers or groups of teachers would like to bring into their classroom or school. Guest Speakers, subscriptions, student workshops or projects that require sustainability are all programs that will be considered under this funding format. Arts, dance and drama, agriculture, horticulture, physical education, reading/writing, all types of curriculum are welcomed to apply. This grant is available for K-12 students and has a $1000 maximum.

Meg’s Miracles Grants: Meg’s Miracles was created following the May 20, 2013 tornado. Megan Billingsley Futrell and her infant son Case Michael Futrell passed away that day, but their legacy lives on through these unique, specialized grants. Click to learn more about the early childhood and special education grants available through Meg’s Miracles. One special education and one early childhood education grant will be awarded each year with a maximum funding of $750.

Visit our Teacher Resource page on our website here

Download the information packet and read over the grant types. Once you have chosen the project that you would like to submit a grant application for, click on the “apply now” button under that grant type. Be sure to pick the grant type you want (experience, materials, or program). This application is tied to your district login so each time you open the application, it will pull up your progress (as long as you hit “save”).

The short answer is yes!

Your grant applications will be linked to your district login. Because of this, you will only be allowed to submit one grant per grant category (basically, you can use your login to complete one of each of the three applications). That also means that if you applied for an individual grant in a certain category, you cannot also apply for a department grant in that category. However, you could ask one of your department team members to apply for it under their login. When grant winners are announced, we will announce the name and the title of the project. This will help you to know which of the multiple grants submitted, were funded. You can also be awarded more than one grant with the exception of Meg’s Miracles grants. If you apply for one of these specialty grants you can only receive one or the other of the two offered (one for special ed and one for early childhood). This does not, however, take you out of the running for earning a Meg’s Miracle grant AND an MPSF grant.

September 16 at midnight, the application will close and you will no longer be able to make changes to your grant. Late submissions will not be accepted so be sure if you have any technical issues, you get with us on a weekday before the deadline! We will not accept applications via email.

The winner’s will be notified in their classroom on October 8 & 9th. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you know when the announcement is up.

If your grant is selected for funding, we will hand deliver your funding by October 9th. At that point, you will need to provide whatever documentation your financial secretary requires to have a purchase order completed for you to make purchases, pay vendors, or schedule events. Occasionally, teachers do not receive notification from their site administrators that the money has arrived. Always check with your financial secretary FIRST if you are wondering, “why haven’t I received my funds?”

Any projects that would not be considered as best practices by the standards of the Moore Public Schools District will not be considered.

Additionally, projects must contribute to student learning and enrichment. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to provide funding for Teacher Workshops of Teacher Development. However, student workshops are applicable under our Program Grant.

Experience grant – $750 maximum
Materials grant – $500 maximum
Program grant – $1000 maximum

Yes! Please download the Grant Information Packet from our website that includes the grading rubric, in-depth descriptions of each of the grant types, as well as a well-written sample of each of the grant types. Download Packet Here

The process in every school may look a little different but start with the financial secretary of your school. They will have documentation of receipt of your funding and you can then ask them the details of what documentation is required to make purchases with your grant monies. Don’t forget that MPSF will not cover local shipping (you will need to arrange pick-up) or tax since you should be making purchases through your school, which has a tax-exempt status.

This is another question that your financial secretary will be able to answer for you in full. It is best for you to speak with your financial secretary before submitting your grant to be sure that they will approve a purchase order of your budgeted items. We have experienced issues in the past with vendors that are unapproved by MPS. For example, the district will not approve POs for unapproved international vendors (this may be an issue for foreign language teachers applying for materials from another country). You can request a list of approved vendors from your financial secretary. It is best to do the due diligence of asking what will be accepted by your school’s financial policies before submitting your grant. Just a side note: it is not difficult to get a vendor added to the approved list. Just be sure the vendor is approved before you submit your grant.

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