Bridges to Moore


Meg’s Miracles was founded in the years following the May 20, 2013 tornado that passed through Moore, OK and the surrounding communities. Megan Billingsley Futrell and her four-month old son, Case, passed away on that day but their legacy lives on through this fund. Megan was a special education teacher at a Moore school, Highland West Jr. High, and was extremely passionate about her students. Megan wanted to ensure that each child received the best quality education and through her teaching, that is what they received. This fund strives to continue Meg’s dedication to her students by providing needed resources for students and teachers in Moore.


Through these grants, not only are the names of Megan Billingsley Futrell and Case Michael Futrell remembered, but they also provide resources to the Moore School District in order to provide an enhanced, expanded, and enriched education for students.


This grant is offered to special education teachers in Moore Public Schools to enrich the learning experiences in special needs classrooms. Special education teachers are gifted with the patience and perseverance to develop an effective learning environment for students with unique learning abilities. Additionally, teaching children with special needs can command the need for extra resources that may not be available. This grant is designed to provide funds for special education teachers so they can effectively teach their students.


Because of Meg’s devotion to her sons, Kanon and Case, the Case Michael Futrell Grant provides funds for early childhood education teachers in Moore Public Schools to help teachers develop strong foundations for effective lifelong learning for their students. It is crucial that teachers in this area utilize unique tools that are frequently different than those needed in other areas or grade-levels. In many cases, funding for these extra resources may not be available. This grant is designed to provide the funds for those extra resources that will help create a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

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