Thursday Folder

Check out the 2022 - 2023 Advertisements!

Each year, the Foundation provides the “Thursday Folder” to all 15,000 elementary students!

Thursday Folders are a vital weekly communication tool between teachers and parents in which information regarding academic progress, samples of student work, and information about upcoming activities are communicated.

Advertisements printed within these Thursday Folders also make their way into the homes of each of our elementary families on a weekly basis. In addition to the ad in the Thursday Folder, we will feature it across our social media once throughout the school year, and place your Ad on our website as a dedicated supporter for the school year!

This campaign exists as an operational fundraiser so that the majority of our donations the rest of the year can go straight to students in the classroom. Want more information? Let’s set up a time to chat! 


For more information, contact Clayton Ramick at

Individual School

$ 500
  • Place one ad in an individual school. Depending on the school, your ad will be seen once a week by 300-700 students that attend that site!

Feeder Pattern

$ 3500
  • Each of our three high schools has roughly the same amount of elementary schools that feed into them. The Feeder Pattern Bundle places your ad into the folders from each elementary school with that high school's feeder pattern. Each of the feeder patterns encompasses roughly 5,000 students! 

Full District

$ 7500
  • Your ad will be featured in the folders from each elementary school across the district! The families of roughly 15,000 students will see your ad for the entire school year!
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