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Moore Public Schools Foundation is proud to open our 2023 Enrichment Grant to all educators within Moore Public Schools. Innovative teaching is important, but it can be expensive. Moore Public Schools Foundation is proud to support teachers in various innovative ways to help enrich the learning for their students. MPSF Enrichment Grants exist to provide resources, programs, and opportunities to enrich students’ educational experiences. Through the MPSF Enrichment Grant, any PK-12 teacher within Moore Public Schools can apply for up to $1000 to spend in one of 3 categories:

Resource: Resource grants fund new equipment, manipulatives, classroom technology, and other educational materials. All grade levels and subject areas are welcome to apply.

Program: A Program grant is for special programs that teachers or groups of teachers would like to bring into their classroom or school. Guest Speakers, subscriptions, student workshops or projects that require sustainability are all programs that will be considered under this funding format. All grade levels and subject areas are welcome to apply.

Opportunity: It is important for students to get out in the world and have educational experiences that are hands-on and fun while making memories that will last a lifetime. All grade levels and subject areas are welcome to apply.

Any MPS Teacher of any subject area and any grade level is encouraged to apply. Download the information packet here:

Interested in supporting our schools? Help fund an Enrichment Grant! Moore Public Schools Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Show your school spirit and choose a school to support and your donation will fund grants at that specific school, or make a general donation and we’ll make sure your donation goes to enrich the educational experiences of deserving students and teachers!

Check Out Grants We've Funded

Ms. Aviles, Moore High School $1,000

Through a grant of $1000 awarded last fall through the Foundation, Ms. Aviles was able to purchase a complete, chapter-owned set of 19 jackets in an assortment of sizes to loan out to students who aren’t able to purchase one on their own. With these jackets, student involvement and participation in several key FFA events were made possible! Ms. Aviles says, “The number of students that this grant directly affects will continue to grow for many years to come!”

Ms. Butler, Central Elementary $495

Madelynne Butler, 5th grade teacher at Central Elementary was awarded with a grant of $495 from the Foundation this fall for a classroom set of mathematic manipulatives and station materials. Her students have “math stations” and in each station there is a box that contains different objects for students to count, play and work on math tasks together as a group!

Mr. Corbett, Central Junior High $243.61

Mr. Corbett received a grant affecting 200 students at Central Junior High last year for their Recycling Club! Mr. Corbett through previous Foundation grants has purchased a Wellzoom Extruder and spool winder and attempted to produce their own PLS filament for use with the computer department’s new 3D printer! This past year, through the Foundation grant, the recycling club was able to purchase heavy duty carts and several boxes of biodegradable/compostable trash bags proving that they are truly environmentally conscious!

Ms. Greenwell, Bryant Elementary $387.91

At Bryant Elementary Ms. Greenwell knows the importance of physics at an early age. With the Foundation grant money of $387, she was able to purchase several teaching games and toys to help teach different science concepts. All of the materials purchased were used during anytime students used STEAM bins as well as classroom instruction time.

Ms. Hale, Sooner Elementary $445

Ms. Hale at Sooner elementary received a grant from the Foundation totalling $445 affecting over 300 students. Ms. Hale purchased math materials to implement math strategies in the classroom. With these purchased materials, students could practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts, while also gaining a greater understanding of place value and computational strategies.

Ms. Henager, Fairview Elementary $500

Getting a head start in technology all while learning is exactly what students are seeing at Fairview Elementary. Through Foundation grants awarded last fall, Ms. Kayla Henagar helped get Fairview ahead of the game by using Bee-bot robots! Ms. Henagar received a grant for $500 affecting 100 students. With this money she purchased Marlbumble bee robots that teach about sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun!

Ms. Lee, Heritage Trails Elementary $750

Ms. Lee from Heritage Trails elementary was granted $750 from the Foundation affecting over 44 students. Ms. Lee chose to use her fall grant to help students experience life in Oklahoma in the 1800s by going to the Harn Homestead. Harn Homestead is a 40 acre property and museum that celebrates the territorial history of Oklahoma. It offers a hands-on educational experience where students can share in the abundance of a territorial farm, a one room schoolhouse, and a Victorian farmhouse.

Ms. Marlar, Fairview Elementary $289

Fairview Elementary is having a blast in the past learning about History! 5th grade Social Studies teacher, Kristin Marlar applied for and received a Foundation Grant for the amount of $289 affecting 80 students. With this grant, Kristin was able to purchase an American Revolution magazine, the Kids Discover Online System and the weekly Scholastic Magazine subscription. These pictures are just some of the learning material that Ms. Marlar received!

Ms. Randol, Broadmoore Elementary $749

Ms. Tara Randol at Broadmoore Elementary was awarded $749 through the Foundation. Ms. Randol, with Foundation grant funds was able to take 91 first graders to the Oklahoma Children’s Theatre to see Junie B: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells. This field trip experience allowed students to see the book they were reading in action!

Ms. Rapp, Highland West Junior High $600

Highland West Junior High 8th grade pre-AP students visited the OKC National Memorial Museum on January 22 through a grant from the Foundation totaling $600 to help with expenses. Ms. Rapp was able to purchase tickets for her 173 pre-AP students through this grant!

Mr. Smith, West Jr. High $992

Through a Foundation grant of $992, Mr. Smith was able to start an archery program at Moore West Junior High. His grant affected over 300 students at Moore West and went on to compete in the State Championship!

Ms. Williams Fairview Elementary $497

Megan Williams, Fairview elementary school teacher, was awarded $497 through our Foundation grant program affecting over 100 students. Ms. Williams created a whole science center with the items purchased from the grant. She purchased a science cart and microscope with grant funds. Ms Williams was able to conduct experiments using the cart as well as investigated with the microscope.

Ms. Witcher, Santa Fe Elementary $1000

At Santa Fe Elementary, Ms. Jackie Witcher was awarded $1000 through the Foundation Grant program. With this grant money, Ms. Witcher was able to bring local NBA mascot Rumble to provide students an experience they would never forget. These high energy presenters engaged and motivated students through the demonstration of the writing process and STEM based activities. They showed students the importance of academics in the world outside of school.

Ms. Younts, Kelley Elementary $500

Through the Foundation Grant program, Ms. Pat Younts from Kelley Elementary was awarded a $500 grant to purchase books to enrich their new Digital Citizenship curriculum required by the state of Oklahoma. The books purchased were about cyber bullying and peer pressure. These books were well-written information about these issues and how to deal with them.

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